For yacht owners, captains and stewards; we are a trusworthy floral designer that can make spectacular flower bouquetes (from traditional to more exotic ones) that are surely to impress and satisfy the taste and sensibility of our clients.

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M/Y Koi
M/Y Sunliner
M/Y Jazz Of Monaco
M/Y Odessa
M/Y Fortunate Sun
M/Y Apogee
M/Y Diamonds Are Forever
M/Y Snowird
M/Y Salu
M/Y Beach Seaker
M/Y Penny Mae

M/Y Lime Light
M/Y Mariu
M/Y Sanoo
M/Y Areti
M/Y Randez Vous
M/Y Maoro
M/Y Va Bene
M/Y Debs Delight
M/Y Kahalani
M/Y Julia
M/Y Talisaman C

M/Y Plan B
S/Y Andromeda
M/Y Gladiator
M/Y CV 9
M/Y Helena
M/Y Mashua Blue
M/Y Aurora
M/Y Mister Z
M/Y Phoenix 2
M/Y Naughty By Nature
S/Y Prana

M/Y Amarula Sun
M/Y Sophia Of Tortola
M/Y Lagniappe
M/Y Hermitage
M/Y Lazy Z
M/Y Deb’s Delight
M/Y Xanadu
S/Y Geometry
M/Y Blue Ice
M/Y Ari
M/Y Samadhi


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